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Poland Springs aka (Ready Refresh/Nestle Waters) Consolidated Billing

Poland Springs aka (Ready Refresh/Nestle Waters) Consolidated Billing

EFFECTIVE 7/1/2017 (FY18)


1. If you currently use a PCard for your Ready Refresh needs, please continue with the same process, as this will NOT change.

2. The process for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2017 will remain the same.

3. Purchase Orders will no longer be required for Ready Refresh for Fiscal Year 2018. Do NOT process your Fiscal Year 2018 requisitions to Procurement Services.

4. AP will pay the total consolidated invoice received from Ready Refresh. AP will utilize a Service Billing (SB) to charge the department’s KFS account.

5. Service Billing

• A/P will determine the department’s KFS Account Number to charge for FY 18 by matching Ready Refresh’s account numbers to current POs.

• On or before 6/2/2017, A/P will send the results to each FO and Initiator of the current PO’s to verify and correct, if necessary, the KFS Account Number.

• Please note – Service Billings do not require approval from the department.

6. Invoices

• For your convenience, the Service Billing will include a spreadsheet attachment that contains all of the invoice details.

• If you currently receive Ready Refresh paper invoices, you will no longer receive them for services rendered in FY18. Instead, your invoices will be available for you on the Ready Refresh website. For instructions on how to view invoices on the Ready Refresh website, please click on the following link: Ready Refresh Instructions.

• If you receive any paper invoices with an amount due for services rendered after 7/1/2017, please forward to, Diane Leblanc at – Do NOT submit these for payment.


Please Note: To add a Ready Refresh account, please contact Procurement Services to obtain proper authorization. To discontinue Ready Refresh service, please contact Accounts Payable.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Kimberly Murphy, Assoc. Director AP and Travel Services: