Consolidated Billing

Accounts Payable (AP) – Consolidated Billing – Effective 7/1/2017 (FY18)


The University is consolidating the billing process for a select group of companies with high volume invoices received through the Accounts Payable Department


The AP department is taking steps to improve the payment process for a select number of high volume/low dollar vendors to ensure timely payments. The process will be that AP will pay for all invoices relating to these companies and will utilize a Service Billing to charge the department’s KFS account Number.


What are the benefits of Consolidated Billing?

• Ensures departments are receiving UConn and State contracted lowest prices

• Eliminates creation of requisitions, PO’s and DV’s

• Eliminates the approval process of PREQ’s and DV’s

• Detailed transactions in excel format attached to Service Billing (SB) that charges departments

• Some online access to accounts to view your invoices as well as automatically submit disputes

• Go Green – no paper invoices


We will continue to add a select group of high volume/low dollar companies to the Consolidated Billing format and will update you as we progress on this automated billing format.


Please click on the below UConn AP website links to obtain further detailed instructions:

Big Y

FedEx/ UPS