Direct Payment Stamp

Direct payment stamp for  Non-purchase order order payments

It is not usually necessary for departments to complete a Disbursement Voucher invoice voucher if the vendor has provided an original invoice complete with invoice number and detailed billing information.

The Direct Payment Stamp has been developed to expedite the invoice processing. Accounts Payable will “stamp” the vendor invoices with the Direct Payment Stamp and forward to the department for approval. FRS CODING (10 DIGIT), AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE, DATE AND DEPARTMENT WILL BE REQUIRED ON THE STAMP.  Please return approved invoices promptly to Accounts Payable for processing.

Please do not alter original vendor invoices. You may indicate on the vendor invoice copy (second or third copy of the vendor’s invoice or photocopy), any corrections that you wish Accounts Payable to address with the vendor.

The DIRECT PAYMENT STAMP may not be used for catering, lodging, conference hotel, personal service billing under $2,000.00 per event and subscriptions or memberships where detail customer information must be provided to the Vendor . This type of billing requires a Disbursement Voucher with more detailed information; i.e., dates, purpose of event, and if applicable, a listing of attendees.

The DIRECT PAYMENT STAMP is available from Central Stores for departments who receive invoices directly from Vendors, (Non-Purchase Order-related invoices), and wish to use this process. Stock #7747.0013.