Disbursement Voucher Invoice

During the KFS PURAP Training sessions it was communicated that the invoice number and invoice date fields would at some point be made required fields when entering Disbursement Vouchers in KFS. Properly entering the data into these fields allows the duplicate payment controls in KFS to be used, and helps prevent duplicate payments. We have now made this change to the system, and are requesting your assistance to properly enter the information in these fields when entering DV’s. Many departments and users are already doing a good job entering the data correctly into these fields.

When there is a vendor invoice number listed on the vendor invoice, please use that number, including any leading zeros contained within the vendor invoice number. When there is no invoice number provided by the vendor, please assign an invoice number using the invoice numbering standards on the attached spreadsheet. These are listed by Reason Code. Please note that Employee Reimbursements (Reason Codes T and F) always require an invoice number to be assigned because individuals do not issue invoices. Please contact our office’s main line, 860-486-4137 with any questions.

Thank you for your cooperation.