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How do I print the Travel WebForm to a PDF? What if I don’t have this option on my computer?

-Click Here.pdf for instructions on how to print your Travel WebForm to a PDF. There are also instructions on how to add PDF under your printer options if you currently do not have it on your computer.

When is a Pre-Trip Travel WebForm required?

-A pre-trip Travel WebForm (TWF) is required to be filled out for any travel that requires a Bradley parking permit, an Advance, or International Health Insurance. However, departments may require this form to be filled out by all travelers at their own discretion.

Do I have to select the same KFS Processor group on the Pre-Trip and Post Trip form?

-No, you can select a different KFS processor group on the post trip form than what was selected on the pre-trip form.

Who should I select as the Reimbursement Supervisor on the Post Trip TWF?

-You should select the person the traveler reports to, and who is on the next highest organizational level in the University. This is typically Department Heads, Directors, and Deans. However, if a delegate is documented in your department you can select the delegate’s name as the supervisor. You cannot select an employee to the be the Supervisor for someone they report to. For example, Department Heads cannot be selected as the Supervisor for a Dean.

Does the Post Trip TWF need to be filled out for all Travel Reimbursements?

-Yes, the post trip TWF must be attached to all Travel DVs, even for candidates and non-employees.

When filling out a Pre-Trip web form for students for international travel, what is the Education Abroad Approval ID?

-Students (graduate or undergraduate) must register with the Office of Education Abroad before traveling out of the country. After successfully registering with the Ed Abroad Office you will receive an ID number which is required to be entered on the pre-trip form before it is submitted. You can contact Ed Abroad at 860-486-5022 for more information on students traveling abroad.

Does my Bradley Parking Permit cover personal travel days?

-Bradley Parking Permits do not cover parking on personal travel days. The University has worked with Bradley Ground Transportation to minimize expenses by allowing parking permits to be issued with the personal days deducted off of the permit. This way you will only need to pay out of pocket for the personal travel days, and your Bradley Parking Permit will cover all of the business travel days. For example, if your Travel Approval shows you are taking 3 personal travel days on your trip, we will deduct 3 days off the end date of the permit. Please note this expense may not be submitted to the University for reimbursement. Additionally, please contact the Travel Office immediately if you notice the travel dates on your parking permit are not correct so a new parking permit can be issued before the start date of your trip. Altered Bradley Parking Passes will not be accepted.

If I forgot to request a Bradley Parking Permit on my Pre-Trip TWF and I’m eligible to receive one still?

-Yes, you can still receive a Bradley permit even if you didn’t request one on your TWF. If you need one right away please call the Travel Office and inform them you need one – a permit can be issued on short notice with the proper documentation. If you do not need one immediately please submit a new pre-trip form requesting the Bradley permit.

What can I request an advance for?

-Travelers can request advances for all travel expenses except for airfare, rail fare, rental cars, lodging, and registration fees since these expenses are eligible to be charged directly to the University. Registration fees should be paid by a department’s pro card and travel expenses should be booked through Sanditz and paid by the Travel Department’s pro card by providing the KFS account that is funding the travel. Travelers will be issued an advance for 75% of “all other costs” anticipated for their trip.

When I request a Travel Advance on my TWF do I need to do anything else for the advance to be processed?

-Yes, after an advance was requested and the traveler has signed the promissory note on the pre-trip form, the KFS Processor will receive an email notification stating that the advance is ready to be submitted in KFS (Kuali Financial System) so it can be processed. An advance can not be processed unless the traveler’s department submits a DV in Kuali. The finalized pre-trip TWF must be attached to the DV before it’s submitted in KFS.

When are Advances ready? Will I be called when it has been processed?

-Travel advances are typically processed ten (10) business days before the trip begins. You will not be called when the it is ready, travelers are responsible for securing their advances before the start of the trip. All advances will be directly deposited into your “primary” payroll direct deposit account. If you would like to check on the status of your advance you can call the Travel Office at 860-486-2068.

Do I have to book through the University travel agencies?

-Business Class flights must be booked through Sanditz, and economy/coach class flights are not required to be booked through Sanditz. However, any economy/coach class flight that is not booked through Sanditz will be capped at a Sanditz comparison quote. Travelers must save a list of alternate itineraries from Sanditz at the time of purchasing airfare, and these itineraries should be attached to the reimbursement. If an airfare reimbursement is submitted without a Sanditz comp it will be capped at the lowest reasonable fare at the time of processing.

-Rental cars should all be purchased through Enterprise or National via the Sanditz online booking tool in order for travelers to receive the University’s contracted rates. Any rental car claim submitted for reimbursement that is not from the University’s contracted agency will be capped at a comparison itinerary.

-Lodging does not have to be purchased through Sanditz, however travelers now have the ability to directly bill lodging to the University through Sanditz.

Do award letters need to be attached to the Travel Reimbursement?

-Yes, if an award account is being used the award letter must be attached to the reimbursement in order for it to be processed.

What do I do if I split an expense with someone?

-Only the person who paid for the expense will be reimbursed by the University. For example, if you split a hotel room with another traveler we need to see two forms of payment on the lodging receipt. If not, the one person who paid for the room can be reimbursed and travelers can settle up afterwards between each other.

Do I need to deduct my daily work commute from mileage if I drove on a day I don’t usually go into work?

-Yes. If you depart or return from your home you must deduct your work commute from the mileage log no matter what day of the year it is. The only exception to this rule is if your permanent duty station is your home – you must have written approval from the proper authority in your department for this to be verified.

How long do I have to submit a reimbursement after travel has taken place?

-Travel reimbursements should be submitted no later than 15 days after travel. If a reimbursement is submitted over 60 days after travel it will not be processed without Dean/Director/Department Head approval, as appropriate.

What is the minimum amount that can be reimbursed?

-Travelers should not submit reimbursements that are less than $25.00; rather they should wait to accumulate this minimum dollar amount before submitting to the Travel Office.

How do I get reimbursed for travel expenses that are required because of my medical or religious needs?

Travel Services recognizes that some employees have individualized circumstances that may justify a departure from our generally applicable procedures.  If you require a limited one-time change to the travel policies for medical or religious reasons, please contact Travel Services directly.  To request accommodations for limitations related to physical or mental medical conditions, please contact the Human Resources ADA Accommodations Case Manager. HR will be able to evaluate your accommodation request and will maintain the privacy of your medical information. Please DO NOT send any personal or sensitive information to Travel Services.

 Can I have multiple TWFs saved?

-No, you may only have one saved TWF in the system at a time.