In-State Travel Information

All travel within the state of Connecticut is considered In-State Travel.


• Fill out the pre-trip Travel WebForm (TWF) if this is required by your department.
• Apply for union funds if applicable. AAUP/Other Unions 

Post Trip

• All travelers are required to have the post trip TWF filled out if a reimbursement is submitted in Kuali Financial System (KFS). If you had a pre-trip TWF submitted you may fill out the post form section by launching the pre-trip form on the Responses page. If you did not have a pre-trip form filled out a new post trip form must be submitted.
• Receipts must be attached to the reimbursement for all other expenses being claimed that are over $25.00.
• If meals are being claimed, please refer to section 5.pdf of the Travel Policy.
• Once the post trip form has been finalized please submit the form along with any additional required receipts or documentation to a preparer in your department who can enter this as a Disbursement Voucher (DV) in KFS.
• After paperwork has been scanned in and submitted into KFS, the reimbursement documentation should be kept at your department. Please note that all documentation must be scanned in clearly when it’s attached to the DV as the scans will be the official record for the reimbursement.