Auto Approve is for any Payment Request (PREQ) invoices under $5,000; unless you select Payment Request Positive Approval Required on your requisition.

When an invoice under $5,000 is entered against a Purchase Order it will be routed to the Fiscal Officer’s (FO) Action List. If the FO hasn’t approved the invoice by the due date, it will “Auto Approve” and move to the Pre-disbursement Processor for payment.  At this time, the FO Action Requested will change from Approve to Acknowledge in their Action List.  This Acknowledgement lets the FO know the invoice was “Auto Approved”. The Acknowledgement must be reviewed before it can be cleared from the Action list. This is an Audit requirement.  Once acknowledged, the edoc will go from processed to final.

If an invoice is entered after the due date, a grace period of 7 days will be added to give time for approvals.  After 7 days, if the FO hasn’t approved the invoice, it will move to the Pre-Disbursement Processor and will pay out to the vendor.

Invoices for all Purchase Orders over $5,000 will be routed to the FO once the Receiving Report is entered.  If the FO hasn’t approved the PREQ by the due date, and the receiver has been entered, the invoices over $5,000 will Auto Approve.

To prevent invoices from Auto Approving you can click the HOLD or REQUEST CANCEL button at the bottom of the PREQ.  You will be prompt to enter a note explaining the reason for the Hold or Request Cancel.

HOLD – To hold a PREQ to approve at a later date.

Request Cancel – To request that the PREQ be removed from the PO because the discount period has passed, or the invoice is posted to the wrong PO.  (If you returned an item, there is no need to remove the PREQ, as the vendor will send a credit memo for the return.)