Out of State Travel Information

Out of State Travel

Travel outside of Connecticut and within the fifty (50) United States is deemed as out of state travel.


  • Apply for union funds if applicable. UCPEA / Other Unions
  • If attending a conference or event please pay for registration fees using your department’s pro card.
  • Completion of the pre-trip Travel WebForm (TWF) is required to be filled out by the Travel Office if you require a Bradley Parking Permit or an Advance. Please note it is up to the discretion of your department whether this form must be filled out for trips that do not require a Bradley Parking Permit or Advance.
  • If you requested an advance on the TWF your department will need to submit this in Kuali Financial System (KFS) once the pre-trip form is finalized. Advances requested should be a minimum of $300.00. Click here.pdf for instructions on how to submit an advance in KFS.
  • If a parking permit is requested for Bradley Airport, it will be mailed to your department within 5-10 days before the trip. If a request for a Bradley Airport parking pass is received within a week of the trip, it will be left for pick up on the front desk in the Travel Office.
  • Airfare tickets should be purchased through Sanditz, the University’s Contracted Travel Agency. All airfare tickets submitted for reimbursement that are not purchased through Sanditz require a list of comparable Sanditz itineraries for reason of a price comparison. This should be done when airfare tickets are purchased. Tickets should be capped at the Sanditz comparison price. Any airfare reimbursement that does not include a Sanditz comp will be capped at the lowest reasonable airfare itinerary at the time of processing.
  • Rental Cars and hotels may also be directly billed to the University through Sanditz, however this is not required. You must call or email Sanditz directly to receive special conference or group rates on hotel direct billings. Only Enterprise rental cars may be directly charged to the University through Sanditz. Other rental car vendors should not be used unless it can be documented to be a cost savings to the University.
  • When charging airfare, rental cars, or lodging to the University you will need to provide Sanditz with a valid 7 digit KFS account(s). Award accounts may not be used to secure travel arrangements and should not be given to Sanditz.


  • All travelers are required to have the post trip Travel WebForm (TWF) filled out if a reimbursement or advance reconciliation is submitted in KFS. If a pre-trip TWF was submitted the post trip form may be filled out by launching the pre-trip form on the Responses page. If a pre-trip form was never submitted then a new post trip form must be filled out.
  • After the post trip form has been completed, a preparer within your department must submit your reimbursement or advance settlement in KFS. Please note that all documentation must be scanned in clearly when it’s attached to the DV as the scans will be the official record for the reimbursement.
  • Departments are responsible for keeping all original documentation. Nothing should be mailed to the Travel Office.
  • Reimbursement – If you are due back funds from your trip after receiving an advance.
    • Once your reimbursement DV has been fully processed by the Travel Department, UConn will make a deposit into your account on file.
  • Settlement  – If you did not use the full amount of your travel advance and owe money back to the University
    • Include a check for the amount of the unused advance made payable to UConn, along with the TWF to the Travel Office Unit 6220. All original receipts must be kept at the Traveler’s department and should not be sent over with the check. Please note that a preparer in your department must enter your documentation into KFS as a Distribution of Income and Expense .pdfbefore sending the check to the Travel Office.