Sanditz F.A.Q.

To contact Sanditz directly please call 1-800-858-4456 during business hours, call 1-877-826-6733 after hours, or email

Does Sanditz Price Match?

Yes, if you find a lower fare for the same exact flight you can send documentation of the lower price to Sanditz and they can match the lower price. Please click here for more details on price matching.

Do all airfare tickets need to be booked through Sanditz now?

All Business class airfare tickets are required to be booked through Sanditz. Reimbursement for any Business class ticket not purchased through Sanditz will be capped at a Coach class ticket price at the discretion of the Travel Office. Economy/Coach class tickets are not required to be booked through Sanditz, however it is recommended that they are booked through the University’s contracted agency. Booking through Sanditz allows for direct billing to the University, and ensures policy compliance at the time of purchase.

Do all hotel bookings need to be booked through Sanditz?

No, hotel bookings do not have to be booked through Sanditz, but it is highly recommended since travelers now have the option to directly bill these expenses to the University. Policy compliance is also verified when direct billing hotels through Sanditz.

Do all rental car bookings need to be booked through Sanditz?

All rental cars must be purchased through Enterprise or National via the Sanidtz online booking tool. Reimbursement for all rental car claims will be capped at an Enterprise/National comparison rate.

How do I receive my special conference/group rate when securing lodging through Sanditz?

You must call Sanditz directly or send an email to get a specific conference or group rate. The group rates cannot be applied when using the online booking tool.

How do I make a guest booking?

In order to book for a Guest candidate you need to click on the “Book for a Guest” tab under Agency Tools. If you do not have this option you can call anyone at the Travel Office and they can set you up with the option to do so.

I have a personal leg of travel included in my business trip, how do I pay for the personal part myself?

If you have a personal leg of travel included in your business trip you need to run two comparison quotes on the Sanditz booking tool; one quote has to be for the actual flight you will be taking which includes the personal leg of travel, the other comparison should be a quote for how much the travel cost would be without any personal trips included. You must first print out or save the business only itinerary, and then you can purchase the itinerary that includes personal travel time on your personal credit card. Then, when submitting for reimbursement your claim will be capped at the Sanditz business itinerary comp. Please note you may not charge expenses to the University if you have personal days included on your trip.

Can I book my spouse’s ticket at the same time as booking my own business ticket?

Please call in to book leisure tickets along with your business ticket since the service fee rate is not the same as the rate Sanditz charges for University business travelers. All tickets that include personal travel must be charged to a personal credit card.

What phone number and address do I put in at checkout? Do I change the 3 Discovery Drive address to my own department address?

The phone number and addresses you put in are not important since actual tickets are not being mailed out anymore. You can just keep this information as your department’s information as default for all bookings.

How many KFS account numbers can I use? How do I make changes or add a different account after I make the booking?

Sanditz will allow you to enter up to three different Kuali Financial System (KFS) account numbers at the time of check out, you will need to indicate the amount you would like charged to each account when using multiple KFS accounts. If incorrect KFS account information is entered at the time of check out to Sanditz it will be the department’s responsibility to correct this error whent the charge is being reallocated. Additionally, keep in mind Award Accounts should not be given to Sanditz at the time of booking; these accounts are for reimbursement purposes only and should not be used to secure travel arrangements.

Can guests and candidates book their own tickets through our Sanditz site?

No, guests and candidates should have a UConn employee book their tickets for them. When the UConn employee books guest tickets they need to click on the “Book for a Guest” tab under the Agency Tools section of the Sanditz site.

Is there a way to book multiple tickets at the same time? (example) I have four (4) people going and they all want to be sure they are on the same flight.

When you are booking for multiple people you need to book each person’s ticket separately, however after you have booked one itinerary there is an option to “duplicate” the trip. This feature allows you to book the exact same options you just chose for your first traveler. Also, you can edit the duplicate booking to accommodate your travel needs. For example, if you only want to book a rental car for the first traveler but not for the other three since they can all travel in the same car, you can delete the car rental portion off the duplicated itineraries.

How do I update my US Airways frequent flyer number in my GetThere profile after the American Airways/US Airway Merger?

-From the Sanditz home page select the Profile link. Then select Frequent Traveler, Delete US Airways Number, and then Add in the new American Airlines number.

Does Sanditz charge a service fee for bookings?

-There are service fees charged for booking Air, Rail, and Hotel accommodations through Sanditz. There are no fees for reserving a rental car. The booking fees are:

Online Booking Fee Agent Assisted Booking
Air/Rail $7.15 $19.00
Hotel $2.95 $9.95