Accreditation Expenses

Payment of the services of a team or an individual for the purpose of gaining or maintaining accreditation requires a Personal Services Agreement, or purchase order (PO), when the cost is $2,000 or more.

The Personal Services Agreement, or PO, must include not only the cost of services, but should itemize all expenses to be paid; including lodging, meals and transportation. Payment of expenses will usually be made directly to the organization or individual upon presentation of receipts. If, however, lodging and meals are to be paid by the University directly to the motel, hotel or restaurant, this must be stated so in the agreement and will be processed in accordance with procedures governing such payments.  Invoices need to be sent to for the processing of a Payment Request.

If the cost is $2,000 or under, a Disbursement Voucher (DV) should be prepared in HuskyBuy for payment. A bill from the accreditation team or individual and receipts for any claim for expenses over $25 must be attached.