KFS Records Retention


Important Information Regarding Records Retention when Using KFS

Attention KFS Users:

As many of you are aware, KFS functionality requires that documents in need of approval be scanned
into KFS then routed for approval. It would be ideal if we could destroy these documents once they have
been scanned, however, State of Connecticut Document Retention Policies require that the University
obtain approval from the State Office of Public Records before destroying any official paper documents
such as invoices, receiving/shipping information, P.O.’s, etc. As a result of this State policy, please use
the following procedures for scanning and retention of official documents when working with KFS.

For Vendor Invoices that Accounts Payable Receives: Accounts Payable will scan the original invoice,
then route to University Departments through KFS (PREQs) as appropriate. Accounts Payable will then
retain and be responsible for storage and retrieval of the original invoice.

For Vendor Invoices that University Departments Receive: University Departments will scan the invoices,
then route them to Accounts Payable through KFS (Disbursement Vouchers). University Departments
are then responsible for mailing the original paper invoices to Accounts Payable after they are scanned.
Accounts Payable will then be responsible for storage and retrieval of the original invoice for audit
purposes. To help match the original paper invoice with the KFS Disbursement Voucher, the KFS
Disbursement Voucher Cover Sheet needs to be printed and attached to the original invoice before
mailing to Accounts Payable.

For Reimbursement of Expenses to Employees and Non‐Employees: Examples of reimbursement of
expenses include Travel Reimbursements, Reimbursement of Out of Pocket Expenses, and other
payments to individuals. In these cases, University Departments must 1) Scan original receipts, 2) attach
them electronically to the Disbursement Voucher in KFS, 3) route through KFS workflow approvals, and
4) mail the original receipts to Accounts Payable/Travel. These receipts sent to AP need to be attached
to the KFS Disbursement Voucher Cover Sheet so that AP can match the receipts with the payment
request. Accounts Payable/Travel requires original receipts for these types of payments prior to
releasing the payment. Accounts Payable/Travel will retain and be responsible for storage and retrieval
of the original receipts for audit purposes.

Periodically, Accounts Payable will seek approval from the State Office of Public Records to destroy
paper‐based documents that have been scanned into KFS. Also, Accounts Payable will confirm with the
State Office of Public Records that the scanned electronic documents within KFS have become the
official record. Once approval is granted, Accounts Payable will destroy the original documents.

Thank you for attention to this issue. Please send any questions to kualifinancials@uconn.edu