Payment for Personal Services

For Services Costing Less than $2,500.00

Payment of personal services rendered on a one time basis (including lecturers, speakers, and consultants), may be paid by Disbursement Voucher (DV) only if the total amount does not exceed $2,500.00, including travel. Total payments by voucher to any one individual may not exceed $2,500.00 in any one calendar year. Payments by a DV against Department of Health and Human Services grant funds must be supported by a properly authorized Consultant Approval Request form from the Department of Human Resources.

Services which cannot be paid by DV are:

*Payments to University or State employees, or University students
*Services of part-time or temporary typists, clerks or computer operators. These services must be paid thru the regular payroll process.

When the services have been completed, the DV should be created in HuskyBuy. If travel expenses are to be paid they should be listed on a separate line; using the applicable travel object code, but included on the same DV with the services rendered. Expenses must be itemized. Individual claims over $25 must be supported with receipts.

Occasionally, circumstances require that a guest speaker or entertainer receive payment on the day of his/her appearance. This may be accomplished if requested on the DV by entering the DUE DATE, needed in the Description Box in the Doc Overview tab. Check the Special Handling Box on the DV, and fill out the Special Handling Tab with the name and phone number of the person picking up the check. The request for a pre-payment must be received by the Accounts Payable Department at least fifteen business days prior to the event date. It is the responsibility of the requesting department to return the check if the services are not performed.

If the University is to pay for the air ticket of a guest, the tickets may be obtained thru the University using the same procedure as that used for an employee.

For Services Costing More than $2,500.00

All services which exceed the amount of $2,500.00 must be processed either by Purchase Order, Special Payroll, or the Personal Service Agreement (PSA), whichever is appropriate, as outlined below.

Purchase Order

Services of a technical nature, for which competitive bidding may be desirable, must be secured thru a Purchase Order unless otherwise advised by the Purchasing Department. These are generally services for which the scope of the vendor’s work can be clearly defined, and the service “deliverable” for which payment will be made is unambiguous, easily identified and non-negotiable.

Examples of the type of service to be processed on a Purchase Order include:

• Consulting services which require competitive bidding
• Photographic services
• Computer software
• Data entry
• Equipment maintenance

Personal Service Agreement

A personal service agreement (often referred to as a PSA) is a contract designed for simple transactions that do not require the participation of a Purchasing Agent to assist with sourcing and negotiation of business terms.

Type of services to be processed on the PSA may include, but are not limited to:

• Lecturers, speakers and entertainer fees over $2,000.00
• Consultants who are specialists in their field, where competitive bidding is clearly not required
• Contracts with other State or Federal agencies
• Subcontracts on grants

Please review the PSA Procedure to determine whether a PSA is appropriate for your transaction.

Accounts Payable is responsible for entering the invoices against PSA’s as Payments Requests, the same as for Purchase Orders. If you receive an invoice directly from the vendor, please forward it to Accounts Payable at  for entry as a Payment Request.  Please do not process a DV for this invoice, and make sure the PO# is referenced. Once the Payment Request is entered, the designated Fiscal Officer will receive an Approval Request in their Action List.

Special Payroll

The Special Payroll is used for the payment of certain types of temporary or part-time professional employment. Regulations governing its use are covered within the website for Special Payroll Authorization.