Ready Refresh Consolidated Billing

All Departments and business units utilizing Ready Refresh need to set up a billing account with Accounts Payable. Purchase Orders and DV’s will no longer be required.

Do NOT process any requisitions to Procurement Services.

How to set up an account with Accounts Payable

  1. The UConn Department/ Individual will send an e-mail to Procurement (Kristin Allen).
  2. In the email, the Department should include the following information:
    • KFS number
    • Object Code
    • Department
    • Contact Name
    • Delivery Phone Number
    • Contact Email
    • Physical location/address for cooler delivery
    • Number of Coolers
  3. Procurement will review the department’s request and will e-mail the department and CC Accounts Payable ( informing them if it has been approved or denied.
  4. AP will then notify Ready Refresh of a need for a New Account.
  5. Once the New Account has been set up, AP will reach out to the department contact and procurement with the new account number.


How to View Invoice Detail

Service Billing E-doc – the spreadsheet attached to the SB will have all invoice details.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Accounts Payable at 860-486-4137 or